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Marlita Camacho

Student Midwife

 Marlita is a Midwifery student at Special Delivery Birth Center under Ruth Cobb, APRN-CNM, CPM, and Grace Frantz, LM CPM. Marlita hopes to be completed by the end of 2022.    

   Marlita’s passion for birth started at a young age. She believes it was having a mom as a midwife that got her comfortable with birth. When it was time to have her own family, Marlita and her husband chose home birth with both of their biological children. They were later blessed with a daughter through adoption.  

  In 2003, she started working as a doula, as well as volunteering with Crisis Pregnancy Outreach. She then decided to expand her services and become a Midwife Assistant because she wanted a more hands on approach, and her passion has always been natural birth.  

  The midwives at Special Delivery have welcomed her and taught me so much and she is excited to be working towards becoming a Certified Professional Midwife after working with women for so long!

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